SellingAtHome develops software & mobile solutions for direct selling brands looking forward to grow on their business embracing digital changes
The concept of SellingAtHome is based on an assessment: direct selling market is continuously growing with newcomers but selling tools didn’t change for a while accordingly.

Do you realize that this is generating important losses for your company?

We did. That’s why we founded SellingAtHome, your digital assistant to help you managing your direct selling activity efficiently. Designed both for sellers and companies, it dailyt helps you optimizing your working time by simplifying and centralizing all information between different entities.


You’re already an actor in direct selling

You’re doing business  in direct selling and you’re aware that there is a real need to improve available selling tools. You want to optimize your data, activate and exploit new growth opportunities and improve your purchasing experience both for sellers and customers.

You want to grow your business with direct selling

You’re doing business with e-commerce and you want to develop your business with direct selling. You are aware that you need to increase your distribution channels and that customers don’t just want to buy but to live a purchasing experience.


You are an independent seller

You are an independent seller and you’re looking for a solution helping you  to manage your activity. You’re fully aware that your working time is not efficient because you’re spending too much times on administrative tasks and not enough on customer relationship and sales. Visit our blog for some advice.