Home-parties are at the heart of your business.
Right now, can you to tell us how many home-parties are done by your sellers on a weekly basis? Also, can you tell us what is the average turnover and number of participants per meeting?

With SellingAtHome, you have a complete dashboard to follow up home-parties key figures in a glimpse but also a complete home-party menu to access and analyse every details.

  • Display of ongoing and finished home-parties with key figures
  • Display of all orders documents
  • Heatmap tool to display visually on a calendar all finished and planned home-parties

How to organize easily and efficiently a home party? That’s the main issue in direct selling.
SellingAtHome enables you to plan and manage your home-party in a few clicks on the same tools and to take orders easily, also using the same tools.

Results: increase of your turnover and productivity.

  • Plan your home-party and add participantsts
  • Take your orders directly in the meeting view
  • Confirm people attendance
  • Create wishlists
  • Home-parties  : digitalized organization of the home-party with friends invites and a chat for your host