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Digital solutions for direct selling

SellingAtHome is a complete software solution in SAAS that simplifies and digitalises direct selling processes providing various tools to both companies and sellers (complete administrator extranet, sellers extranet, sellers mobile application, sellers mini-store).

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Are you interested in the direct selling adventure?

Choosing SellingAtHome is a quick and easy way to get started in direct selling, with a licensing package starting from 55 euros per month.

Dive into the world of Live Shopping

Discover the unique, immersive experience of live shopping! Give your customers the chance to watch live product demonstrations, ask questions and make informed purchasing decisions, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Discover our features

Create your sellers and manage your network plan in a few clicks. View your lines, their performance and their activities through a hierarchical view.

Improve your customer expertise with SellingAtHome by creating complete and customizable customer files and using manageable segmentation.

A complete and digital management of your catalog: pictures, stocks, vat, kits, discounts… Centralized management of returns via a convenient form available to sellers.

Centralized management of orders between the brand and its sellers: electronic documents, online payment, delivery notes, preparation notes…

Complete loyalty settings: gifts, loyalty points, discounts, vouchers and challenges to encourage your network.

Follow-up and organization of meetings for the brand and its sellers as well as a virtual meeting and small site module for the host.

Optimize and automate your recruitment with an online form and electronic signature of the contract.

Automated management of commissions with calculation and edition of slips. Smoothing of social contributions, edition of the deduction slip and contributions.

Notifications, document sharing, FAQ and e-learning module to communicate efficiently with your network.

Live Shopping

Stream. Share. Sell.

The most advanced Live Shopping solution inspired by direct selling

Live a personalized and immersive Live Shopping experience in white label.

They trust us

« Guy Demarle would like to thank the entire SellingAtHome team for supporting us and our 5,500 sellers in the digitalization of the independent direct sales profession. An innovative, simple and effective solution that enables our sales consultants to develop their sales through intuitive digital interfaces. »
- Team -
Guy Demarle
« I really enjoy working with the SellingAtHome team on a daily basis. They're both efficient and a source of suggestions. It's a real exchange every time. From a field point of view, the software is a nugget coupled with an application that gives us even greater autonomy in sales and recommendations. »
Les Décos d'Axelle
« SellingAtHome teams have been a strong help for the launch and development of our business providing us with two key éléments: quality and availbility. Our sellers and customers value the modernity of the tools provided especially the mobile app, convivial and user friendly. A custom project management in order to adapt to our specific needs. »
- Karine Melloul -
« With selling at home, we've found the ideal partner to support us in our development and digital transformation. The mobile application is brilliant, and has already been acclaimed by all our VDIs! »
- Thomas Watine -