SellingAtHome has been supporting its clients for 5 years in the development of their activity and in their digital transformation.

« Guy Demarle would like to thank the entire SellingAtHome team for supporting us and our 5,500 sellers in the digitalization of the independent direct sales profession. An innovative, simple and effective solution that enables our sales consultants to develop their sales through intuitive digital interfaces. »
- Guy Demarle -
« I really enjoy working with the SellingAtHome team on a daily basis. They're both efficient and a source of suggestions. It's a real exchange every time. From a field point of view, the software is a nugget coupled with an application that gives us even greater autonomy in sales and recommendations. »
Les Décos d'Axelle
« SellingAtHome teams have been a strong help for the launch and development of our business providing us with two key éléments: quality and availbility. Our sellers and customers value the modernity of the tools provided especially the mobile app, convivial and user friendly. A custom project management in order to adapt to our specific needs. »
- Karine Melloul -
« Direct selling is a growing distribution channel offering multiple advantages for companies, customers and sellers. But nowadays direct selling can’t be the only channel for a company. SellingAtHome has helped us in our projet to combine direct and online selling providing us with a complete software that simplifies processess both for sellers and administrators. »
- Claire Gasnier -

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