Our API documentation

SellingAtHome’s architectural system is designed to communicate in real time with third-party systems through web services. We have even developed our own REST (REpresentation State Transfer) API, which is completely secured and allows us to manage most of SellingAtHome’s features.

A little more in detail, it simply allows by http method to:

  • Retrieve data (GET)
  • Create data (POST)
  • Update (PUT, DELETE).

You can for example use the API to update your catalog or to manage your sellers, your customers or your orders.

Our Youtube channel

Feel free to visit our channel to view our online demonstration videos by features.

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Our support documentation

The SellingAtHome teams focus on the ergonomics of the various interfaces to make it easier for users to get started. The environments developed for brands and their sellers are designed to be intuitive and user friendly.

SellingAtHome provides a set of PDF documentation and videos (in English and French) when the environment is created and administrator access is granted. This documentation is structured as follows:


Getting started with SellingAtHome
Loyalty and sales promotion
Administrative and social management
Catalog and order management
Logistics management
Data reporting


Getting started with SellingAtHome
Install and discover the mobile application
Discover the database of knowledge
Virtual meetings on SellingAtHome

SellingAtHome also has an online support site in English and French: