The online store at the service of direct marketers

Find out more about our online stores and how this option can benefit your business.

Two online store options available on SellingAtHome

The brand’s online store, which enables it to display a digital showcase to broaden its visibility. The seller’s online store, which can be customized to suit each VDI.

The brand's online store

What is the brand boutique?

The brand can create its own site to provide visitors with a virtual showcase for its products and/or services.

The benefits of having an e-commerce site to complement your VDI activity are to gain visibility, generate additional sales, broaden your audience and highlight your direct sales activity, as well as any commercial offers.

The branded boutique generates leads and sales that complement physical meetings. It also enables customers to link up with a salesperson when making purchases.

Why should a brand integrate this module?

The brand's online seller

Mini Boutique Vendeur

What is the Vendor Shop?

This simple, integrated e-commerce solution enables each VDI to have its own store. The store can be customized, allowing the salesperson to describe their activity and share their world. These personalization features are very important, because unlike the brand boutique, the vendor boutique is a privileged sales channel that enables vendors to maintain customer relations outside meetings.

These boutiques are synchronized in real time on the extranet, giving customers complete autonomy to order from the salesperson’s selection of products. For the salesperson, the benefit is to develop his or her customer portfolio thanks to this mini-shop, since his or her information is recorded there. Customers can then easily get in touch and request a meeting.

There’s also an economic benefit, since travel costs for physical meetings can be high, enabling the VDI to cut costs.

How can these tools help your business?

Having a brand or vendor boutique enables you to sell a selection of products outside of meetings. It’s a key element of the brand’s loyalty and sales growth strategy, since the brand develops and owns different sales channels simultaneously, helping to increase sales. It also creates leads, develops sales and generates additional sales.

In today’s world, consumer behavior is changing, and it’s essential to adapt to this by offering different purchasing methods adapted to each customer profile.

What are the benefits for end customers?

Customers can consult their shopping baskets and have their own customer account, with all the specific features associated with the home shopping model. For example, contact with a salesperson and direct attachment of the order to the salesperson. This offers numerous advantages for customers :

When customers want to buy products on a regular basis, or when their VDI is too far from home to organize a meeting, online stores offer the possibility of ordering from the VDI’s own store.

It also gives them access to a personal space containing their meeting requests, orders, loyalty points and wishlist.

To enhance convenience and avoid travel, customers can receive their purchases directly at home.

They can access online boutiques from all over the world, enabling them to find unique products and explore international brands.

Finally, customers can easily retrieve their loyalty system linked to their vendor through the online store. This eliminates the barriers between e-commerce and home shopping, as they can use points or other loyalty benefits earned during meetings with the salesperson.

In short, online stores offer a flexible and cost-effective platform for brands to reach a wider audience, personalize the shopping experience and gather valuable data to improve their business. For brands and VDIs who want to optimize and expand this is the model for you !


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